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Roofing Services Lighthouse Restorations, Inc. is able to help repair or replace your roof because we have the expertise and experience needed. Our team of professionals has being repairing and replacing roofs for over 30 years. So, if your roof suffered wind damage, rain damage or hail damage, we want you to call us immediately to help you avoid having other areas of your home become damaged.

Many warning signs of roof damage are obvious like roofing materials lying in the yard or you may notice missing or torn shingles. However, other slightly less obvious signs may exist as well such as interior wall blistering, dark spots on the walls, sheetrock discoloration in the attic or crimps or an upward tilting of the exterior edges of the roof line.

Even a well maintained roof should be inspected after any storm or severe weather event. Finding a problem early through an inspection can help eliminate more urgent and expensive repairs.

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