Removal * Restoration * Air Quality

When mold shows up as a result of water damage or high levels of moisture, you can count on Lighthouse to professionally remove the mold, bringing your property back to healthy levels. It is important to understand that mold can NOT be adequately killed by household products such as bleach, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar and water. Our professional technicians are trained and certified to treat and remove the mold with specialized safe chemicals and equipment including the reduction of the mold spores in the air. Our specialized foggers and odor safe equipment will treat the air quality. After completion, we test the air quality to make certain the mold spores have been reduced to better than safe levels.

If unknown as to why or how the mold appeared in the affected area, we will find the source. With Attic mold many times it is insufficient or restricted ventilation. As pictured above, if Insulation has been infected by mold spores, we will replace the insulation during the removal and treatment of the mold on hard surfaces. Badly infected Drywall will be removed and replaced. Our technicians will also determine the cause of the mold in order to recommend actions needed so the mold will not return after treatment. We take specific steps to stop the mold, preventing further mold reproduction in your home or office. Our mold remediation process allows us to restore your property better than ever before.

We can also preserve and clean any contents that have been damaged, but not destroyed, including furniture, carpeting, rugs, and other contents. Our Odor removal equipment will take away any foul or mildew spell that comes with unwanted water or mold.

If the mold is an Insurance Claim, we will work with your Insurance Company on your behalf to restore your home so your life can get back to normal as quickly and cost effective as possible.Please dial our 24 Hour Help Line at 844.424.5326